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We do not just make beautiful silk pyjamas— we also read blogs and online magazines (while wearing the aforementioned pyjamas). So here is our quick summary of the latest articles on sleep, beauty and pyjama wearing that may catch your attention.

NYFW has finished, LFW has started — it’s hard to keep up with the pace. Not to worry, we are here to tell you that pyjama trend is still going strong. Just check this Victoria Beckham widely discussed pink attire and Gigi Hadid’s red number. Check other celebrities wearing pyjamas at

Some, like the Huffington post writer Carly Ledbetter even said that it was too much, outrageously so. Check this Vaguera look and tell us what you think.

If all the news make it hard to fall asleep, this post from should help. 

If that is not enough, check this post on bath oils by the witty and funny former model Ruth Crilly from

When you are already in bed, relax and read this exceptional piece by about feminist history of pyjamas. 



Son Trava

Son Trava